Backing up your stuff!

Data backup
Data is the core of what we do with computers yet one of the most neglected tasks is backing up your stuff! 
This is ironic considering a large amount of what we do at Dubbo Computer Repairs is data recovery. 
Criminals realise this also. For example the spate of data encryption locking viruses that have been promulgated recently. Targeting the gear you hold dear like documents and photographs.
I thought I would offer a couple of ideas that might help with this problem particularly now that the National Broadband Network is available to the area immediately surrounding Dubbo.
Two simple options:
1/ External hard drives
Great capacity and ease of use with a lowish cost now (under $100 for some). Not safe from a lot of viruses including ransomware
These can also be prone to other problems like power surges, fire and dogs/cats/kids dropping them from a great height.
2/ Cloud Storage
Free for the majority of uses now.
Google drive offers 15GB for free and Dropbox2GB. More than most people need for their document backups.
Flickr offers a massive 1000GB (1TB) for you to store your capacity hungry family photos and holiday slides. Not to mention Facebook and Google+ keep your happy snaps safe in the “Cloud”.
These generally require a simple sign and away you go.
Yes, also safe from the usual terrestrial dangers and a lot safer when it comes to malware.
What is the Cloud anyway?
The cloud is simply the internet. Where you store data locally on your hard drive or flash drive. Companies like Flickr, Google and Dropbox store your data in huge computer centres usually occupying a floor of an office building in Sydney but also shared with similar centres in Singapore, San Francisco, New York, London, Madrid and so on. They also have staff looking after this data 24/7 and watching for the latest hacks and malware on your behalf. This is their business, they do it so they can advertise to you, their clients. The competition is ever increasing so it is likely this “Cloud” data storage solution will be easier with greater capacity in the future.
Finally there are programs out there that can backup your data to both local drives and the cloud while you sleep. Just Google it, there are good ones out there for free.
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