photo 1461749280684 dccba630e2f6People on the internet today can be incredibly connected and this can be very empowering. It can also be overpowering! The amount of your personal data collected by all sorts of companies, organisations and agencies is staggering. The reason put forward by many is so they can "enhance your online experience". Mostly though it is so they can sell "targeted advertising" at a higher premium. Ever wonder why, when you searched for clothes online, your social media feed is now full of ads reflecting what you just searched for? They are watching!

So how can we stop this data on our browsing habits from being so public? Enter Incognito Mode. Using a Google Chrome browser by using to top menu or pressing Ctrl+Shift+N a new window will open stating "Now you can browse privately, and other people who use this device won’t see your activity. However, downloads and bookmarks will be saved." Read the rest, it is important, but a new level of online privacy is now enabled.

Another useful hint is a website that tells you how to remove a great deal of online accounts you may no longer wish to have. Find it here: JUST DELETE ME.

There are further steps you can take like Proxy Servers and VPN's but we might discuss that later.

Photo courtesy: Ilya Pavlov




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