Tired of seeing a massive desktop tower protruding from under the clean lines of your office desk? PC towers were once all the go, room to put more cd and hard disk drives and upgrade the RAM and so forth. But is that really necessary now? In our experience when it comes time to upgrade your tired old desktop it is more expensive generally to retrofit the dinosaur than it is to buy a new system outright. 

brix composite 02Maybe the answer to your next upgrade may lay in the new Ultra Compact PC’s that are now on the market. They usually come as a barebones unit. What is barebones? A PC that comes with the motherboard, power supply and sometimes a processor and all the plugs needed to make it a fully functional PC. Typically a hard drive, random access memory (RAM) and maybe a video card can be added by the user.



Were going to take one example of a barebones unit currently on the market, the Brix by Gigabyte. What makes this interesting is the size. It can actually just clip on to the back of your monitor making it virtually disappear from front view altogether.BRIX VESA All this unit needs is system memory(RAM) and a Solid State Drive (SSD) and you are good to go. Those messy cables become much less of a problem and the unit can even run two displays simultaneously. Wifi is built in so you do not have to run a cable to your router either, Bluetooth also comes standard. The Brix comes with a choice of options from 4th Generation Intel® processors including Intel® Core i3, i5 and i7 models. This gives flexibility and choice to be something just to browse the net and check email or be a powerful media centre.



intel chips

The prices currently range from around $200 to $900, factor in a choice of RAM $50 to $100 (or more) and an SSD from about $100 to $300. Keep in mind you will still need an operating system from about $130 (yes you can still get Windows 7) to about $200. In summary you can one of these up and running for under $500 or spend around $1400 for a multimedia master.


In time we are sure they will only get smaller.


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