We know that many folks on the outskirts of Dubbo have had wireless access to the NBN broadband network for a good while now. A lot of people however have been waiting for the fixed line rollout to commence within the Dubbo city limits. Well it has begun today Wednesday the 23rd of April!

Dubbo NBN mapWe have been told that the construction teams will not leave town until the roll out work is complete. This will mean fibre optic cable to most city streets if not to your door with greatly increased capacity and speed. If you remain on the old copper network your service will be unaffected but be aware it will no longer be maintained by Telstra. 


What does this mean? Well in terms of internet speeds Dubbo will start to catch up with the rest of the developed world. (Australia is currently languishing in 35th place in that race.) Also because of the access to fibre the city will likely be better served than many big city areas (Sydney, Melbourne etc.) which are likely to be served with old copper down a lot of streets.


The benefits of this rollout to a rural centre are manifest:

  • Remote learning
  • Video conferencing
  • Telehealth
  • Gaming
  • Multimedia entertainment
  • Working from home

Not to mention the benefits to businesses (including farmers) to be able to compete in an ever contracting World market. Also make the most of cloud computing, read more in our article Backing up your stuff.

Imagine the increased ability for some of the great medical staff we have at Dubbo Base Hospital to instantly connect via a web camera and visualise exactly what is happening with a patient at Lightning Ridge or Brewarrina. Australia is known for downloading illicit media content from around the World but I would say that now there is the opportunity to have "access" to this material via Netflix or FetchTV on fast streaming broadband most of downloading will fade into the cyberspace archives.

Fascinating times ahead.

Checkout your address here: NBN address check



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