#Update 11th Dec 2014

**If you believe you are at risk from this virus it is recommended you shut down your computer IMMEDIATELY and call for help!**

No one likes getting hit with a speeding fine!

I can tell you what is likely to be worse. A fake email from the NSW Office of State Revenue stating you have been pinged. Then when you click on the email link to find out the bad news it infects your computer with a Trojan (Virus) the encrypts your computer data and gives you 48 hours to pay some lowlife Russian criminal $300 for an unlock code or your data is gone forever, Merry Christmas!

NSW Office of State Revenue This image courtesy of the guys at Mailguard. You can read what they have written here about the scam MailGuard Article NSW SDRO Scam.

This virus is commonly known as #Update 10 Dec 2014 ("Cryptolocker" or "Trojan.GenericKD.1430364"  this is a cryptolocker fake) TorrentLocker.




When you click on the link it takes you to a fake website not the official "sdro.nsw.gov.au". (You can see the website when you hover your mouse over the [ACT NOW] button.

It then takes you on a journey that ends up with this wonderful prompt which demands money or say bye bye to your stuff.Cryptolocker-1

It is not all over. This virus can be removed! Can your data be recovered, most times yes, it depends on how many buttons have been clicked or the time the virus has been alive on your system.

Good news for Apple owners on this particular virus is at the moment it appears to only target systems running Microsoft Windows.

It would be better of course not to click on the problem email in the first place. You can read more about viruses and malware in our article at Dubbo Computer repairs here.

There are a few other tell tales that can alert you to a scam email:

  • Look carefully at the senders email address, it is usually non genuine.
  • Spelling errors. Typically these scams originate from overseas, China, Russia etc. Some of the best "Chinglish" rules apply. Even on an email as sophisticated as on the SDRO pictured above you can see they spelled "Offence Date" as "Offance Date"
  • Be aware that most times fines are not sent by email but by regular mail. An article from the SDRO about just that here.

We recommend shutdown your device staright away and call your local computer company.

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