Every experience with technology these days seems to come with a password or login. From social media like Facebook to email and online banking.

Most log ins require at least an eight digit password. Why? With the shear number crunching ability of modern computers a criminal with an appropriate program can crack a six digit password in under five minutes!

A password with eight digits is 10,000 times more secure than a four digit password.

It is also vitally important that passwords are not easy to guess, like 1234 or 5555 or your birth date (No one would know that would they? Just everyone on Facebook!). A good password has at least eight digits made up of unusual characters, for example [&wE1*C9z] and it is also important to have different passwords for different log ins.





Windows 8 is different in appearance and behaviour to its predecessor Windows 7.

With it comes a few annoyances like: How do I find the desktop? How do I shut this thing down?

I have put together a couple of simple tips that may make life easier.


Displaying the desktop

Windows Key    All that is needed is to hold down the [Windows key] on your keyboard + the [R] key and the desktop will be displayed.

    Easy as that!




Now for creating the shutdown shortcut button.

A smart watch that likes like a regular watch. Well that's new. Messaging, navigation, step counter, altimeter and voice commands all in one sexy looking package. With a full metal body and real leather strap Android fans will likely be delighted. It does look great but the functionality appears to be still somewhat lacking in my view.


We have lagged behind the rest of the world for years with access to video on demand services like Netflix. One of the only contenders is IINet's Fetch TV which may be one of the reasons why Aussies are the biggest downloaders of shows like HBO's Game of Thrones. It is not made easy to obtain therefore people find other ways of getting what they are after. This may be set to change.

"Streaming video service Netflix has announced it will launch services in Australia and New Zealand from March 2015."


Have a security camera? Just one to watch the baby? Using the default password? Chances are then your live footage is being streamed online for the whole world to see.


Read more here: Fly on the wall: Security footage from Australia shows inside lounge rooms, bedrooms and shops

Living room live


Google has a history of improving old features and this is another in that vein.

The old bookmark manager shipped within chrome has been augmented by an new app available in the Chrome Web Store

I think we can look forward to be shipped with new versions of Chrome in the future. 




It looks like Microsoft, possibly reflecting on the lacklustre performance of Windows 8, have completely bypassed version 9 of its Windows operating system and pulling Windows 10 straight out of the box.

windows 10



I recall having a Nokia mobile that lasted a week on one charge. My Samsung Galaxy dies within 24 hours, which can be annoying to say the least. In airports all over the world you see poor souls wandering around terminals with smart phone and charger in hand looking for the ever elusive charging point.

 Anyone who has anything to do with helpdesk computer support, on either side, can enjoy this skit from a Swedish tv comedy show.

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