Windows 8 is different in appearance and behaviour to its predecessor Windows 7.

With it comes a few annoyances like: How do I find the desktop? How do I shut this thing down?

I have put together a couple of simple tips that may make life easier.


Displaying the desktop

Windows Key    All that is needed is to hold down the [Windows key] on your keyboard + the [R] key and the desktop will be displayed.

    Easy as that!




Now for creating the shutdown shortcut button.


Shutdown ButtonNew shortcut

Now the desktop is displayed, right click on a blank space to bring up the context menu.

Once the menu is displayed click on [New] then on [Shortcut]




 shutdown shortcut










This will bring up the create shortcut form.



Type in shutdown /p in the box and click [Next]





shutdown shortcut name







The next window will appear and you can name the button as you like, "Shutdown", "Close" or "Begone bane of my life!".


Up to you.



This procedure will work just as well with Windows 7 by the way.






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