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Heads up folks!

Just been made aware of this:

"If you signed up for Foxtel Now's free trial specifically to watch Game Of Thrones, you need to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. Otherwise, you will get slugged with a full monthly billing cycle without warning - even if you cancel the day after."

Full article from Chris Jager here @ Lifehacker : 

Foxtel Warning: A $137 'Surprise' Charge Is Coming To Free-Trial Users

Worth reviewing the fine print!


Windows XP was launched to the public on 25th October 2001.

Windows XPA major upgrade from the MS-DOS based versions of Windows, XP was based on the Windows NT kernel which streamlined many of the operating systems core functions.

Streamlined and faster it quickly won consumers hearts and although Microsoft have long pulled support for the OS, it still remains viable for some applications. Apparently it still has 25% of the desktop market in China.

The major standout for me though was the advances XP made in security thanks to it's NT genes. This security improvement has continued to evolve through the clunky Vista, the smooth 7, the ordinary 8, the non-existent 9 and lately 10.

Overall, I liked it much as I like 7 and 10. Wonder where from here?


Central Processor Unit


So you want to buy or build a desktop computer. Where do you start? Probably the Central Processor Unit or “CPU” because, as the name implies, the CPU is central to everything your computer does. It is the brains of the outfit. Regardless of what else you adorn your desktop system with, if engine is not powerful enough to do what you want you will suffer poor performance.


So how can we tell the performance of one CPU compared to another? A good while ago (talking early 1990’s here) judging a CPU’s performance was pretty simple. You judged how many clock cycles (known as frequency) it could perform per second, 1 frequency unit = 1 hertz. Back in those days it was run in Megahertz “MHz”, 1 Mhz = 1,000,000 hertz. So you saw one processor was 60 MHz and another was 75 MHz. No problem, obviously the 75 MHz would perform better.

Android watch


Google maps and its mobile app service is not new. The introduction of the new Android Watch will make wearable navigation a must for the geographically challenged amongst us.

Smart, wearable on your wrist communication and navigation? Even Dick Tracey would be jealous.  


Tired of seeing a massive desktop tower protruding from under the clean lines of your office desk? PC towers were once all the go, room to put more cd and hard disk drives and upgrade the RAM and so forth. But is that really necessary now? In our experience when it comes time to upgrade your tired old desktop it is more expensive generally to retrofit the dinosaur than it is to buy a new system outright. 

brix composite 02Maybe the answer to your next upgrade may lay in the new Ultra Compact PC’s that are now on the market. They usually come as a barebones unit. What is barebones? A PC that comes with the motherboard, power supply and sometimes a processor and all the plugs needed to make it a fully functional PC. Typically a hard drive, random access memory (RAM) and maybe a video card can be added by the user.

Sydneys Marble BarRunning out of hard drive space on you laptop or PC?


A nifty little program helps you find space hogging duplicate pictures and lets you choose to delete the duplicate.


Easy to manage and best of all ....it's free!


Get it here >>>>>>Duplicate Photo Finder


We know that many folks on the outskirts of Dubbo have had wireless access to the NBN broadband network for a good while now. A lot of people however have been waiting for the fixed line rollout to commence within the Dubbo city limits. Well it has begun today Wednesday the 23rd of April!

Dubbo NBN mapWe have been told that the construction teams will not leave town until the roll out work is complete. This will mean fibre optic cable to most city streets if not to your door with greatly increased capacity and speed. If you remain on the old copper network your service will be unaffected but be aware it will no longer be maintained by Telstra. 

I remember my father telling me about IBM's new computer in Adelaide in the 1960's. It took an entire floor of an office building and could add, subtract and multiply like a boss, just couldnt do division! That is when it was running, instead of transistors the machine used valves and was prone to continual breakdowns. Sometimes when an insect was attracted to the heat and light of the valves and would short the whole system. Yep, you got it. That's where the computer term "Bug" came from. 

But check out the difference in data storage, graphically shown in the following pictures.

5MB hard disk in 1956SanDisk 64GB Micro SD

Data is the core of what we do with computers yet one of the most neglected tasks is backing up your stuff! This is ironic considering a large amount of what we do at Dubbo Computer Repairs is data recovery. Criminals realise this also. For example the spate of data encryption locking viruses that have been promulgated recently. Targeting the gear you hold dear like documents and photographs.

Well surprise, surprise the scammers are at it again! This time with an scam similar to one I wrote about in December last year NSW Office of State Revenue. This virus hook is also delivered by email and leads to one of those nasty cryptolocker variants.


Australia Post Email ScamAustralia Post Email Scam 2The way this email starts is with an email indicating that you have a parcel to pick up from the post office. It looks legit, even though Australia Post do not send notification of this by email. Parcel notifications still come from those increasingly endangered but much loved creatures, your local Postie, straight to your door or your mailbox.


If you click on the link it takes you to a remote website that prompts you to enter a CAPTCHA code so you can track your item. That is when you allow the malware to be installed on your device.



#Update 11th Dec 2014

**If you believe you are at risk from this virus it is recommended you shut down your computer IMMEDIATELY and call for help!**

No one likes getting hit with a speeding fine!

I can tell you what is likely to be worse. A fake email from the NSW Office of State Revenue stating you have been pinged. Then when you click on the email link to find out the bad news it infects your computer with a Trojan (Virus) the encrypts your computer data and gives you 48 hours to pay some lowlife Russian criminal $300 for an unlock code or your data is gone forever, Merry Christmas!

NSW Office of State Revenue This image courtesy of the guys at Mailguard. You can read what they have written here about the scam MailGuard Article NSW SDRO Scam.

This virus is commonly known as #Update 10 Dec 2014 ("Cryptolocker" or "Trojan.GenericKD.1430364"  this is a cryptolocker fake) TorrentLocker.


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